MASTERS of ArchiCAD SUMMIT, a must attend webinar

Hi everyone, it´s me again (Nader Belal), right now I was reading an email that I have received from the ArchiCAD group in, about “Masters of ArchiCAD Summit“, an online webinar where ArchiCAD power users are going to share their experiences and strategies to make your work easier.

Just so that you can make an idea, the summit attendees are:
Timothy Ball, RIBA – jhd Architects, Kent, UK.
RodericK Anderson, CEO & Design Director at Sarco Architects, Costa Rica.
Benedick Newell Wallbank, BSc Dip Arch (UCL) RIBA – Graphisoft UK.
Gary Lawes, Jagged Edge Design Ltd, Bristol, UK.
Andreas Lettner, le_ander, Innsbruck, Austria.
Erika Epstein, ERE Architecture, Massachusetts, USA.
Karoly Horvath, Architect, Project Leader at Machin Designs, Perth, Australia.
Eric Bobrow, California, USA.
Djordje Grujic, City Diamond Contracting, Dubai, UAE.
Shawn B. Hopkins, LARGE & BIM Bakery, South Africa.
Andrew Passacantando, Passacantando Architects, NJ, USA.

And from my point of view, this webinar is more than promising, so I advise you to attend it if you can.

Link to Masters of ArchiCAD Summit.

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