, The Unconfortable Silence

Hi everyone,

As you can remember from the “Waiting – 12/01/2015” post, I ‘ve said that I have already uploaded the free 2D Parametric CMU Detail GDL objects to, but until now I didn’t manage to see my uploaded objects so that I can share them with you, and although that I have already emailed the site, asking what have happened to the uploaded objects, I didn’t get any response, except form Nick Cornia (Technical Support Engineer – from Graphisoft NA) that have sent a follow up email to me and to the team.

So today, I decided to upload the objects again, using the browser, and guess what … in less than 5 minutes I got an email from saying that they already have the same objects in their database since that the old and the new uploaded objects have the same GUID (a serial number of ArchiCAD’s objects to prevent duplicities).

That’s why, I want to ask the pardon of nbbim followers for the delays to provide you with the free objects.

And for,
1- Would you please tell us what is happening with the uploaded objects ?
2- Can you tell us when do you plan to make it public ?
3- Would you add a simple statement telling ArchiCAD users how much time do you need to see, revise, upload and make the uploaded objects public on your website ?
4- Can you please answer the emails I’ve sent you ?

Created – 29/01/2015


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