New ArchiCAD Link + Exclusive nbBIM Leak – 02/02/2015

Hi everyone, I (Nader Belal) have just added a new link in the ArchiCAD Links of Intrest page for Polantis.

Polantis is an online manufacturers’ products catalogue, which are free to download and use in your projects. Each product is supplied in many file formats, for the most common programs used in the AEC industry, such as:
3Ds Max (.3ds , .max)
Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
Allplan (.ndw)
ArchiCAD (.gsm)
Artlantis (.atlo, aof)
AutoCAD (.dwg , .dxf)
Cinema 4D (.c4d)
Revit (.rfa)
Rhinoceros 3D (.3dm)
Microstation (.dgn)
SketchUp (.skp)
Vectorworks (.vwx , .mcd)

I find that Polantis methodology of providing the same object in many file types is quiet appealing, especially if we consider that many professionals  that work in the AEC sector, have different needs due to their professional roles.

nbBIM Exclusive Info

nbbim have been informed from undisclosed source, that Polantis is in the process of recreating all their library objects (15,000 approx and rising) in ArchiCAD’s native file formats. A good news for ArchiCAD users.

Anyway, I advise you to bookmark Polantis in your web browsers, so it can assist you in your projects.

You may also like to check out their Blog.

Created – 02/02/2015

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