Become an ArchiCAD 19 Beta Tester

Hi everyone,

As usual, Graphisoft have surprised us this year, by opening up their application to become a beta tester for ArchiCAD 19The good part of this action, relays on that:

  1. You get to see ArchiCAD 19 before anyone.
  2. You get the chance to report about ArchiCAD‘s bugs before its actual release (which is planned for the second quarter of 2015).
  3. Your opinion will influence the programmers to make ArchiCAD more suitable to your needs.
  4. Get to know more ArchiCAD users with the possibility of sharing experiences, tricks, know how’s and work around.

And all you need is to sign-up on their web page 🙂 (just click on the pic)

But I have to inform you that being an ArchiCAD beta tester is something serious (beside being something awesome), cause it will help you get noticed by other ArchiCAD experts and key people on the development side of Graphisoft. All you have to do to imagine yourself able to share your passion for ArchiCAD & BIM, in a community that will value your opinion with a possibility to catch the eye of Graphisoft, the rest will only depend on you.

Source: Shoegnome

PS: Shoegnome have been already added to ArchiCAD Links of Intrest.

Created – 26/02/2015

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