nb BIM is my personal (Nader Belal) blog, for sharing my knowledge and experiences with different programs used in the architectural practice with a special focus on BIM.

nb BIM will only be in english, for maximum diffusion, and the difficulty of providing the same blog in other languages, using the current free graphical theme provided by wordpress.com.

nb BIM aims to make the use of the BIM programs be as easy as possible in the most practical sense for every day use of the architectural practice.

nb BIM posts will depend that the reader having a basic previous knowledge with the use of the programs that are going to be mentioned in its posts, since I see it useless to repeat the same content that have been already published by countless times for every program; when each one of them have their countless number of blogs, videos, forums, sitse and communities all over the internet in many languages.

nb BIM posts’ content can change at any time without previous notice, due to the changes that may be applied to any program in its new versions.

nb BIM blog is open to publish other peoples’ contributions when it’s asked to do so, but the choice of publishing of each and every contribution will be left for my own judgement, none the less the contributors’ authority on their posts will always be respected.

nb BIM will never share links for pirated programs and contents, but I may share links for free or open-source programs and contents.

Created 05/01/2015 – Edited 01/06/2016