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ARCHICAD 21 World Premiere

Dear nbBIM followers,

Yesterday in Budapest, Graphisoft have presented ArchiCAD 20, with it’s new features, improvements and connectivity.

So here is  the high resolution recording of ARCHICAD 21 World Premiere.

Hope you like it.


Google Map Customizer

Hi everyone,

We all know how hard was it for us to import a Google Map of our choice in a Vector format, and how hard was it to change its visual aspects.

Well, these days are over as we’re sharing with you this Google Map Customizer site (click to go to site), and here is the video that explains how easy is to use it.

Special thanks for Aaron Cheng.


Create Topographic Contours In ArchiCAD Using Rhino+GH 1/2

Hi everyone,

It has been a long time since anything have been posted or shared anything in nbBIM, so in compensation for all that time that I have been missing, I sharing with you this manual of how “Create Topographic Contours in ArchiCAD using Rhino+GH 1/2” (Click on the pic to download).

Hope you find it useful.
Create Topographic Contours In ArchiCAD Using Rhino+GH 1_2